Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If I'm not SF State faculty or staff, can my children apply for admission to Children's Campus?

Non-SF State affliated families are considered Community, and are eligible to apply for enrollment in Children's Campus. While SF State faculty and staff receive priority enrollment and discounted tuition, more than half our families are Community.  


Is there a wait list?

Yes, all families must register on the wait list. All enrollment is completed through the wait list.  Enrollment begins in March for the next school year. New families are admitted when space allows throughout the year. Please call us at 415-405-4011 or email our Office Coordinator at if you are interested in enrolling with us.


Is it mandatory to take a tour in order to be placed on the wait list?

No, it is not mandatory but highly recommended. We feel it’s important for families to see our environment before making a decision about their child’s placement.Tours are conducted on the first Tuesday of the month at 10 AM.  Please contact the center for information on upcoming tours by emailing or calling 415-405-4011.


How will I be notified if there is an available enrollment space?

You will be notified via email or phone. Families will be given one week to confirm their enrollment and pay an $200 annual nonrefundable registration fee to hold their child’s space.


Does being on the waitlist for the AS ECEC count towards where you fall on the Children's Campus waitlist?

No, Children's Campus is not affiliated with the AS Early Childhood Education Center. You may be on the wait list for both programs if you choose, but doing so does not increase your chances of being admitted to either program.


What does rolling enrollment mean?

Rolling enrollment allows us to enroll children throughout the year if a space becomes available. The vast majority of our families who are enrolled begin in August for the school year. If a space opens up during the school year we will reach out to families on the wait list to fill the available space.


Do you offer extra days of care if my child attends part time?

Currently enrolled families may request an extra day of care, and if there is room in the classroom we will allow your child to attend for an extra day of care . Extra days must be approved by the Director and the Head Teacher. Families will be billed for this additional care on the next month’s invoice. 


My child will not be 6 months old by the start of a session; can she/he still enroll?

Infants must be 6 months of age by the first day they start the program.  Families with children younger than 6 months of age may request an enrollment hold, which entails paying tuition for the months their child is too young to attend, in order to keep their child's enrollment space.


What process determines the rate schedule?

Children's Campus was initiated based on requests by faculty and staff for quality child care and education at a site close to campus. The program facilitates recruitment of new faculty and staff as well as supports existing SF State employees. A Children's Campus Committee composed of staff and faculty worked to develop a self sustaining program and one that will provide academic support to programs with students preparing for careers in teaching, psychology, nursing, kinesiology and other disciplines.

Several considerations go into the development of the rate schedule for the Children's Campus, including rates charges by similar programs in San Francisco, the quality of our program, and projected operating costs. Children's Campus tuition is generally below rates charged by similar programs, yet offers higher quality based on teacher qualifications, group size, and staff-child ratios.  The Children's Campus Advisory Council makes recommendations each year on tution and fee rates; tuition and fees are establsihed by the University President or his designee.

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